Sunday, November 11, 2012

Easy Peasy

I made some curtains!  Yay!
And anyone could do this.  For real.  Let me tell ya.
 I bought two tableclothes from Target (my love) and a rod.
The beauty of using tableclothes is
that they are already hemmed for you.
 All you need to do is fold over the top
and take it on a quick trip down the sewing machine.
That's it. 
Isn't that great?
 Like I said, easy peasy.


  1. Um...Hi!! So cute! I kind of want to sit in your room and read a book. Not in a creepy "What are you doing in my room" sort of way but more of a nice "Don't you enjoy my room because I made it look AWESOME? And sit here and enjoy it for a moment please" sort of way. Great job Sister. I looks fabulous. :)

  2. I told you on the phone and I'll tell you again...I love those tablecloths, I walk by them everytime I'm at Target. They turned into awesome curtains! LOVE