Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break Dos

Since graduating in December I have been substituting in classes of every grade all over the valley. This means that I had two spring breaks. One was during March when Tyler had his spring break-- although we both worked the entire week so it wasn't so much of a break. But it was super nice that he didn't have to study as much at night. The second spring break was a couple weeks ago. All the schools here were out so I had nowhere to work. This worked out really nicely because my sister, who is a senior in high school, happened to have her spring break at the same time and came up for a visit. It was FAB-u-lous! Here are a few snapshots to summarize the week of ultimate sister bonding:

We took a few trips down to mainstreet and walked around visiting all the random little shops. I had always been meaning to do this and thoroughly enjoyed it. We found that this great antique store with all sorts of knick-knacks. This was the $6 rug that I almost took home.... but I refrained. I might be kicking myself for that one now :)

If I had a cabin, I would buy this lamp to put in it. Or maybe if I were rich-like, it could be the other way around-- If I had this lamp, I would buy a cabin to put it in...

And no antique store would be complete without feathery-Anne-of-Green-Gables hats. Sophisticated, I know.

Other stops on mainstreet included prom dress shopping, thrift stores, used book stores, and many more.

If I were to represent the rest of the week with pictures, there would be a picture of:
--Coloring books --"Pushing Daisies" --No-bake cookies --Sleeping in --Super Mario --Muddy buddies --Romantic comedies --Girl talk-- you know.

We also happened to have a snowstorm that week and we had to be a little creative in coming up with things to do.

So... we painted our old kitchen table...
Why not?

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's what you've all been waiting for!

Well, mostly just my siblings that live out of town..

Here is quick video tour of our apartment given by the one and only Tyler Gish.

Come on in!