Thursday, July 12, 2012

It Happened In Sun Valley...

Ever been to Sun Valley, Idaho?
I'm sure you loved it.
You should probably go there.

Natty-pants, the parents, and I got to spend a lovely few days in one of our favorite places.  We escaped 95 degree heat in Farmington to enjoy a week of 60-75 degree heat.  Thank you, ID.

Remember that one time when I said I was going to better about taking pictures and documenting my life?  Well, it's a work in progress.  But I did a little better.  I had my camera around for at least ONE day of the trip.

Included in this trip was painting pottery, beautiful morning runs, laying out in the sun, watching black and white movies in cute old theaters, window shopping, playing the piano in the lodge, evening walks, eating out at fabulous restaurants,  watching my parents try Just Dance 3 for the first time, and just enjoying each other's company.  Natty and I also got to go on a beautiful horseback ride near Red Fish Lake.  Then the four of us had a lovely picnic lunch right by the a lake.  It made for a nice afternoon.  And THIS was the day that I actually remembered to take pictures.  Thank goodness.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Missing you.

Because you can only say it over the phone so many times...

5 weeks down. 1 week to go.