Monday, February 27, 2012

Bill was right. They do say the darndest things.

The other day a few of my students were asking me if I had any kids (not like they didn't already know the answer to that question because they've asked me it a hundred times...)

Anyway, I told them (again) that I did not have any kids. One student then said, "Do you think you ever will have kids?" I replied with a yes. Then another student asked, "Do you want to have kids?" I replied with another yes.

Then another student got this concerned look on her face. She then turned to me, looked right into my eyes, and gently said, "You can always adopt a kid. You can even change their name to yours so it's like they're actually your kid!"

Sweet, right?

On a funnier note, yesterday we learned about similes and metaphors.

When asked to write a metaphor about homework...
Student: Homework is a treacherous pit of doom filled with man-eating lions and bones.

When asked to write a simile about a dog...
Student: The crazy dog was moving around in circles like underpants in a washing machine.

You gotta love the minds of fourth graders.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yeah, we did that.

Pulled our mattress into the living room and built a fort over it?
Yeah, we did that.

Watched old episodes of "Lost" and ate cookie dough while inside our fort?
Yeah, we did that.

Realized at 12:30 a.m. that it is snowing and decide to take advantage of it?
Yeah, we did that.

Go sledding on Old Main Hill until 2:00 a.m.?
Yeah, we did that.

Marry my "equally nerdy as me" best friend?
Yeah, I did that.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My precious

This is how excited I am.

I am extremely sleep deprived, my house is a mess, I miss my husband, and I need a break.

There is only 1 day of school and 14 more parent/teacher conferences between me and
four days of me-time and loveliness.

I have even made a bucket list:
1. sleep
2. clean my house (like, really clean it)
3. head to the temple
4. watch a movie (and not do work during the movie)
5. make something
6. laundry
7. wear pajamas- all day
8. sleep (it is no accident that this is on here twice)
9. kiss husband
10. peruse the local bookstore sale
11. not stand for 7 hours at a time
12. paint my toenails
13. try a new recipe
14. double date with a dear friend
15. go to the gym and not constantly count the number
of minutes of sleep I am sacrificing to be there
16. go makeup-less for a day
17. eat cookie dough (because it's good for me)
18. cuddle with husband
19. make another something
20. love every minute of it

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The "sweetish" thing

Just when I think...

I can't do it anymore.

And then I think...

How can I not?