Monday, June 4, 2012

School's out for the SUMMER!

 And to be honest, I have some  mixed feelings.  
Here are the pros and cons.  
I know.... Who knew there would be cons?!

pro: My name is Amanda again.
pro: I do not have to be at work at 7:30 a.m.
con: I already miss my kids wanting to tell me things.
pro:  I have a lot of free time.
con:  It's harder to feel like a productive human being when you're not taking care of and teaching 24 kiddos.
con: I now have no excuse for the dishes not being done.
pro: I can wear sweats, jeans, or whatever the heck I want.
con:  Husband will be ditching me for San Jose.
pro:  I get to go fun places like Sun Valley with Natty-pants and the parentals.
pro:  I will get to visit dear Megan and Jared and love on my sweet nephew in Milwaukee.
pro:  I will get to cruise on over to San Jose when husband is done with his internship.  We have some great plans!
con:  My apartment is hot... hot... oh, and did I mention HOT?
pro:  More time for hiking!  My new hobby, remember?
pro:  More time to read books that are above a fourth grade reading level.
con:  Did I mention already that I miss my kids?  I know I am a sap.  Don't get me wrong though. There are one or two students that I happily waved on to fifth grade.  But seriously, they are great kids and despite what I might have made anyone think, they brought me a lot of joy.
con:  I feel like I have nothing to talk about when husband gets home.  Probably a PRO for him... 
pro: No more packing lunches.  I don't know why, but that is such a nuisance to me.
pro:  A lot less stress.

I know most people will still be working these next couple of months, but here's to still enjoying summer, the warm weather, holidays, and fun.