Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Post for August

Life has gotten mucho crazier and there hasn't been much time to think about blogging, but I had to squeeze one post in before the month was through.

This last month has been super packed with wonderful things:
-A church history tour with Ty's family
-Getting ready for school to start
-All my family coming into town
-And school starting!

Pictures and more details about each of these events will come soon!

But before I go (yes, I know this is kind of a pointless post, but I couldn't let August get away from me), let me share one thing about today.

We had an unexpected fire drill today and it happened to be right after my kids had finished their lunches and were on their way out to recess. So I headed out the door and proceeded to line them up and count them. As we were waiting for the "all clear" many of the kids were asking me if it was real or pretend. I honestly didn't know and I told them so. Then one of the girls came up to me with a legitimately concerned look on her face and this was our conversation:

Girl: Mrs. Gish, is this real or just pretend?
Me: I really don't know. They didn't say anything about it to the teachers.
Girl: Oh. (Pause) I really hope it isn't a real fire... because I left my three favorite chapsticks in my desk!!

Glad to know that was her biggest concern.