Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Facts and Quirks.
We all have them and we're sure that you're dying to read about ours...

1. Our apartment is haunted. We think. We ALWAYS sleep with our bedroom door open, and even though we both have a tendency to get up in the night, we never, ever shut it. Not to mention that door naturally swings open. Buuuuuut..... one morning it was closed. And we know it was not either one of us. Therefore, we think our apartment is haunted. And I just happen to think that it is haunted by the spirit of my first future dog.... He is anxious to be with me.

2. I am really bad about buying produce and then forgetting to eat it before it goes bad. Me and my good intentions....poo.

3. Every night, if we are quiet, Tyler and I enjoy a nice firework show in very own apartment. Yes. In. Not outside of it. The only bummer is that it's just the audio. We think it either comes from our heater or the refridgerator. We're not sure, but it sounds for real. When we first moved in we really thought someone was setting off fireworks outside. We have also had other people comment on it. It's really a nice feature.

4. Tyler is really smart. He got a credit card that gives us rewards. But we don't use it. So.... no rewards. (He told me to write this...It all started with him telling me he just wanted me to write he is smart. Which is true, by the way.)

5. We bought a couch cover. Not because our couch was ugly, but because the color clashed with the picture that we have hanging above it. We put it on the couch. And it made it look..... ugly. It looked like a poorly made futon. And the color didn't really look that much better. We left it on for a few weeks because we kept telling ourselves it looked better. We took it off last week. Good thing it was on clearance.

6. Tyler likes no-bake cookies more than I do.

7. I wear Tyler's big, comfy blue sweatpants more than he does. Today he forgot that they were his in the first place.

8. Dog is blooming. And he looks real good.

9. "1-2-3! Eyes on me!" works really well on first graders. I wish it worked just as well on eighth graders and seniors...

10. We live in a magical land of Narnia, it's always winter but never Christmas. In a few months we will witness Aslan's presence in Narnia. Something both of us have yet to experience. We've always been under the brutal rule of the White Witch in Logan seeing that we've only lived here during the school months... "FOR ASLAN!"

11. Every morning we receive a Wallstreet Journal on our front porch that we don't pay for and we don't read. But we feel guilty for wasting them so we bring them inside and let them stack up for a few days, then get annoyed that they're taking up space in the apartment, and in the end we haul them all out to the recycling. If anyone out there has a creative use for newspaper, please let us know.

12. I have to sit on the counter while appyling and often times removing my makeup.

13. Tyler can play the accordion (which I always thought had two a's in it instead of two o's...) Bet you didn't know that- the spelling or the fact that he plays. I don't understand why he doesn't go around playing one all the time because it's the coolest skill ever.

14. If you're still reading, you must really love us. And we appreciate that. We really do.